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Thursday, April 9, 2015

500th post

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Hand in hand

She walks with me
Hand in hand
Near the wishing tree
Her unshod feet
 Through the grass
Like a plow
Un-caring at what it turns up
The sunlight dances among
Winter bare branches
Though it holds all our dreams
The wishing tree looks
Defrocked denuded
She walks with me
Hand in hand
To the wishing tree
We lay our souls
At its feet
Root in soil midnight dark
Twining our dreams we circle
Its base as if
As if it would change a thing
She walked with me
Down to the wishing tree
We laid our wishes there
To be taken up by the
Next to wander through

Chris McQueeney     4/9/15

If I am reading things correctly this is my five hundredth post on my blog...that amazes me! when I first started my blog I was just learning how to write now five hundred posts later I feel that there is much more that I have yet to learn about being a word smith. Thank you all who have stopped by to read my words..............

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