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Saturday, April 18, 2015


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You are just
Another cog
In the murder machine
It trundles down your street
Waiting to meet
You on the corner
The sound it makes
Is hard on the ears
I wish I was
Just a piece
In that broken beast
The murder machine
Leaving corpses
In its wake
Trundle on murder machine
You fulfill a very integral
Place in society
Population control
At its most base form
Come with me as we walk a mile
With the murder machine
Watch as it churns up the pieces
Of civilization
Taking what is left and slaughtering it

Chris McQueeney    4/18/15

Here is a side tangent …I fucking hate that I can’t spell. I have all the words I will ever need to describe any situation, but I can’t fucking spell them. Spell check picks up a lot of the slack but doesn’t quite cover what I need. I find myself having to rewrite sentences because I can’t figure out how to spell something. This diffencency…That is misspelled and I am going to leave it there to serve as an example of a strong descriptive word that I have to write around because spellcheck can’t even figure out what I was trying for. This is a handicap that I am not quite sure how to overcome. de·fi·cien·cy
1.    a lack or shortage.
"vitamin A deficiency in children"

I can go the long rout to find the spelling of the word with an internet search. If I am lucky I can find what I am looking for. One thing that whole process does for me is break up the flow of my writing. I am flowing along the words coming all natural like, then bam, a break in the flow, a misspelled word. I have to decide at that point weather I search, or do I rewrite the whole sentence. What a fucking pain in the ass. It sucks also that I can’t spell the frigging synonyms either. What do you do when this arises for you?

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