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Monday, September 29, 2014

Day fourteen

How will I know

It's a tough deal
this life thing
at times I try
and spin all
over again at the
beginning of things
just to find
myself stymied
If wishes could bring
all when I am in need
I wouldn't feel trapped
in this vicious loop
am I wining through
at any point in time
or am I just running
through winter bare fields
searching for a path
I just don't know
what's right
how will I know
How the hell
will I know

Chris McQueeney     9/24/14

Got the new computer and all of a sudden my writing volume jumps by like five hundred percent. I can now work and save pieces in a secure place...what a feeling it is to have that luxury. I don't have the ability to hand write so having a paper journal is out of the picture. I think that would be a nice way to be able to do things...just pull the paper out and start writing on it. I've tried but it hurts too much for me to get very far. So I am relegated to writing through an electronic medium. When I first realized that I could write with a keyboard I was excited because for the first time in my life I was going to be able to express myself with writing. I was also excited because I had always wanted to be an author and now I could.

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Other Mary said...

I used to only be able to write with pen and paper, now I can only do it on computer. Partly because I messed up my thumb, partly because I'm now so used to typing. It sure makes those 30 or 40 rewrites a lot easier!