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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day ten

I'm warning you

There's a monster Under my bed
I tell you true
It's not just In my head
It fills the space
Underneath me
At night while I should be sleeping
It has teeth Enough to bite Me
I tell you true
It's there
I can feel it's breath
In the air
fear runs my veins
I tell you noI'M not insane
there's a monster Under my bed...
not in my closet
no not there
below my pillow mattress and frame
I swear it's true
there's a monster
not in my head
it's there every night under my bed
don't look
I'm warning you

Chris McQueeney    9/24/14

Good morning...I am off to court today to finish up one part of an obglation started almost a year ago...wish me luck...........


Brian Miller said...

hope court goes well for you today man...made me think a bit of that old sesame street book the monster in the closet....

Shadow said...

Under the bed is also where my monsters are. No argument from me.

And Good Luck!!!