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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Some them mems

Sitting here thinking
Bout days gone by
Thinking hard to put
The pieces back together
An impossibility
Some them mems
Burned beyond repair
What's left
What's still there
Is disjointed and not clear
But its what I got
To work with now
Now being the operative word
Got to live in the now
Just for today
They say it'll get better
With time
With time...Fuck you
With that with time shit
I want it now
Why the fuck can't I have it now know why
Broken brain feeling the strain
Of the mundane just trying to get by
Let alone excel
Just sitting here trying to
Remember me
Where I am and where I need to be

Chris McQueeney  1:38  P.M.


Brian Miller said...

it will take time man...and i know, patience sucks...but you will get there...

Shadow said...

The mind takes many a strange turn when left to wander unchecked...