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Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's a small world

With tears in their eyes

That world was a big place
So was said
Till that day at Trinity
I like to think
The world stood still
For a fraction 
Of a second
That's all it took
In that nuclear instant
That big world was
Laid low
Imagine all of heaven's Angles
Singing it's a small world
After all
With tears in their eyes

Chris  McQueeney    9/20/14

This was penned in response to Christopher's poem Here

I think it is day 5 of writing every day of thirty. This experiment is going well enough, I think. Today's poem was actually written yesterday. I find that some of my best poetry is sparked from reading other poets work, and Christopher's poems stand out in the inspiration department. I think that tomorrow I am going to write a story for the's been a while...........

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