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Saturday, September 27, 2014

what the hell

Moves on

Well aren't you
The disgruntled one
A martyr
in the cause
of you
Lying in your humble Abode
Drifting in and out of
While the world
moves on
Without you
you slumber in shades
of red
dreaming a life
Full of dread
A martyr
in the cause of you

Chris  mcQueeney    9/23/14

I just got a new computer. Now comes the joys of figguring out how the darned thing works. Also got ms word which I am verry happy isnt a whole lot of help with poetry but with my long and short stories it is a big assett . Also in even better news I am spending the day with my children. We went to the dollar store that has an entire isle for toys. The keds got to pick two things out...I think they made good picks, well, atleast they are happy with them...i love those two soo much............

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christopher said...

Yes... all I ever use for my poetry is the Wordpad that comes with windows. Wordpad is a collection of the essentials from Microsoft Word 6. I don't need any more for poetry because I don't try any word art stuff with my poetry. I like how it starts up instantly and I only have to do a couple things and all is as it should be for me to work.