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Thursday, September 18, 2014


See it unravel

I sit here wondering
From day to day
What should I do
What can I say
My life has been broken
It took but a moment
Who would think
A life could be destroyed
In the blink of an eye
It took but a moment
To pull the pin
Throw the grenade
Then let us begin
See it unravel
Day by day
I've been broken by life
What else can I say
Broken by life
To this very day

Chris McQueeney    9/18/14    10:05  A.M.

Day three of my thirty day write...And we get a poem this morning. I kinda feel the spark this morn, well shit, I guess I do feel something. For the last few months I have been posting from my phone, and I guess it is harder to tap into the creative part of my mind that way. I actually feel physically Good today so that may have something to do with my writing, I'll have to keep track of that as well. Ok, that is enough for today................

1 comment:

Ben Ditty said...

Exactly how I feel. Great poem.