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Sunday, September 21, 2014

To relate

Is it fun in there

Where do you go
When your eyes blank
Out like that right there
Is it fun in there
Behind those ocular sentries
I try and try and try 
To get into what you
Are feeling
But it is kinda hard
To relate
So blank of face
You become
Scary is a close second
Behind disgusting 
In describing words
For what it is like
In dealing with you at times
Are you there
Or is your body just 
Occupying the space you  
Formerly held so tight
Are you there 
Or am I just talking
To a bag of skin filled
To the brim with shit 
Colored emptiness
You should probably walk
Away now before 
Your emptiness spills out

Chris  McQueeney   9/21/14    4:39  P.M

This is the second piece I have written for today and it is not a true life piece, has no place in the real world. I like it when I get to write fiction and it feels like it is coming from a true experience, feels good.

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