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Sunday, September 28, 2014

It got lost in the shuffle

Think you that
We knew ahead
Of time
What our decisions
Would bring
Like we had a map of the stars
And a oracle to advise
Us against our transactions
Put a quarter in the slot
Out pops a divination
Oh no, don’t go that path
And another
Know along that path Lies disaster
I put the requisition in
But it 
Along with many others
got lost in the shuffle

Chris  McQueeney
Wow! I got a new computer, and it isn't a mac this is so much easier to write on a computer. I have for the most part been using the wordprocessor on my phone  to put together my work. I have to say being able to use MSWord is soooo much a better way, and having a keyboard is nice as far as the poetry I kinda like the piece I put together on my new computer...Thank you Gram this thing is cool

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Brian Miller said...

hey good news on the computer..def thank you to grams...
so things are looking up for you?