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Friday, September 5, 2014

the movie sucked

From behind

hiding inside my own mind
trying to figure out the trick
of looking at myself
from behind
it's hard enough traversing
the corners and curves
looking from the front
I am getting pretty good
at riding my own back
not giving credit for
improvising a life broken
by needs better left behind
unspoken words of comfort
calamity around every corner
hiding inside my own mind
trying to help myself
from behind

Chris McQueeney

Today was a good day...I got to spend the lions share of it with my grandmother and her partner. We went and visited my aunt and second cuz. He is a cute little guy. After that we went to the local mall to watch a movie. The movie was one of those feel good about your life be a better person high school football kinda movies. I was glad when it was over. I loved the company but the movie just sucked. After which we had dinner in the food court. I also got the oppertunity to talk with grandmother about where I am at with my life and where I want to see it head. All in all a very good time...Thanks gram and Red I had a good time.


christopher said...

Not A Good Day

I heard a popping
and wondered about my life
until the shock wave
broke all the windows
for miles around and the roar
that swallowed us next
just would not subside
and the walls started to melt.
The light blinded me.

September 5, 2014 9:27 PM

Brian Miller said...

i think we all fall in that trap of riding our own back...and that is not an easy monkey to shake...

glad you had a good day...but i too am sometimes just not in the mood for those movies...