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Monday, August 20, 2012

And all that shit

As if they need our help

Butterflies and bullshit
Laughing cows that make milk
And cheese and shit
Happy rainbows that smell of joy
Dancing hamsters all gangsterd up
Rollin on fours mix-n it up
And all that shit
Fox news says that Boy gotta lose
Or the country gonna fall
To them commie socialist
Bastards…it’s their fault!
While the other guys
MSNBC would have you believe
They are on your side
With their news they hide
Genocides and Apartheid
Monsters left alone
While their countries die
Look at the hand in the air
The new shiny fresh off
The Chinese assembly line
While we rob you blind
How fucking dumb are we
To believe the shit their giving
Feeding us butterflies and bullshit
And we fucking take it
And fight to protect them
As if they need our help

Chris McQueeney    8/20/12    9:16 P.M.

A study the laughing cowvalier by Caroline Shotton


kj said...

whoa! you have right, chris, and in this case anger is needed fuel.

good going.


Ben Ditty said...

Thanks for giving me a good laugh tonight, Chris :-) I needed one.

Brian Miller said...

dang went a good way...ugh the media have their is def no longer news but opinion and slander that comes across the air....this is tight

Nadja Notariani said...

Ahhh. Sarcasm, satire and ribald wit, my favorites!

Backstory: I have worked on many political campaigns and have been politically active since I could first vote. That all ended about four years ago. I.Am.Sick.Of.The.Bullschlaka.
(can this be a new party slogan? I can see it plastered across t-shirts and bumper stickers. Ha!)

This is the first presidential election that I wonder if I will vote - there is no one I want as my president. Romney couldn't quite handle Massachusetts - and it's a tiny little state (I will give him that he seems to be able to make money...and we need to start making something here in the USA)! Obama is an anticolonialist - and that ideaology doesn't sit well with me despite the fact that I agree with it on some points.

Sigh. Anyhoo...I'd rather laugh than despair. Your post today accomplished just that! Thanks.

Nadja Notariani said...

Oh, wait! I forgot to mention ....

But you can tune in to ALL the networks to get your latest updates on 'Fifty-Shades'! Isn't that great?

We do need to be aware if sales of THAT particular story start slumping.

Heaven said...

What a sad state for your country ~ Those news channel will peddle their own weight ~

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Wow--you said it! Loved this write!

ayala said...

Wow cool write !

hedgewitch said...

It all makes sense if you understand we stopped living in a democracy a long time ago--it's a plutocracy, and poor people don't own media outlets. It's to their advantage to keep us hating each other 24/7. I hate it all, but short of blood in the streets with no guarantees, it's hard to change.
I do love this poem, however, and I do believe some people are less fucked up than others, and they should be in charge as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

There's an awful lot motivated by greed! The media for one thing. Your poem has a wonderful colloquial down-to-earthness and earthiness! That fits the subject for sure! k.

She Writes said...

Butterflies and bullshit... such a nice way of putting it. The conservative side of media is so extreme it scares me. I like NPR.

Anonymous said...

ignorance is bliss. just reminded me of why i avoid the news.

hi chris! hope you're good.


James Rainsford said...

Fresh and original. I loved your voice in this.

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

"Dancing hamsters all gangsterd up" - what a great line!