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Friday, August 17, 2012


So you ask

Am I angry?
Fuck yes I am
How could I not be
Do you think I live
With my heart
Divorced from me
Fuck yes I’m angry
Wouldn’t you
Feel torn in two
A million jagged pieces
Tearing their way
Out of you
So you ask
Am I angry
And I say to you
No, I’m not angry
I hurt, but then again
So would you

Chris McQueeney    8/17/12    5:32 P.M.

Crestfallen: Photo by Photographer Roger Gutierrez -


Ben Ditty said...

Don't be angry. Here's a smile...


Brian Miller said...

yep and sometimes that anger allows us to get through the pic too man...

kj said...

how we put on a good face....

very nice, chris. but i have a problem: i don't know when your poems reflect your place and space or when they come from a prompt. from a writing point of view, i don't need to know, right?

but if/when you're hurting i'd like to know..


christopher said...

The Old Back And Forth

Yes, it's all just true
so damn straight up right on true.
You have stripped my heart
clean out, drained me dry,
what you said I did to you
sometime last Tuesday.

She Writes said...


Nadja Notariani said...

Love the hokey image - it contrasts with the depth of the poem. The figure reminds me of Schroeder (the piano playing Peanuts character)

Am I the only one who automatically assumes that poetry is simply writing - not personal? Have I overlooked an important facet of poetic writing? Does the poet write as his/her flow of emotion dictates - or does the poet create a scene and then feel the emotion they've newly conjured?

Or perhaps both?

BerlinerinPoet said...

hmmm, intensely human.