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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A lifeline

I had a dream today
Of a life and what may
Have been
Had I not died that day
A lifeline uninterrupted
In the flow of time

I had a dream today
Of a life lived to the fullness
That was open to me
Walking a life feeling free
Feeling comfortable to be
In the flow of time

I had a dream today
Of a life lived by me
No fear only me living fully
Greeting each day
As it was meant to be
In the flow of time

I had a dream today
Of a life never to be
Something gifted to those
Walking next to me
Never knowing the gift to be
In the flow of time

Chris McQueeney 8/14/12 9:00 pm


Brian Miller said...

now you just have to the measure the distance between dream and reality and determine if it is worth it...smiles.

Green Monkey said...

deep breath.... the flow of time.


christopher said...

Dreams, of course, are multiple while the life stream turns out singular if also full of twists and turns.

She Writes said...

This reminded me of a song, Orange Sky, by Alexi Murdoch. It also reminded me of a year I was overwhelmed with shocking grief that came in waves mixed with hope for freedom out of what held me. I kept reminding myself the future looked different from here because now I KNOW. I kept listing what was good and close friends reminded me of what I was accomplishing (because it was hard to see on some days).

Of course you write from a different place, but your piece brought that me back that year. How odd. I am completely on the other side.

What I am saying is, I love this. It resonates.

Nadja Notariani said...

The 'what-might-have-beens' of the past are best left in their nothingness. It is like attempting to walk backward, and when we do this, we become lost, disoriented - for we are meant to always move forward, casting off yesterday in favor of the horizon before us. The sweet and welcoming horizon - where endless possibility lays open before us, daring us to grab up, not what might have been, but those things which may yet be.

Gah! I feel so 'poet-y' after that rambling! Lol. Fantastic image, Chris.

BerlinerinPoet said...

This one is so so so good! I love the flow and the message and the wording and everything. Simple and packed full of meaning!