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Friday, August 24, 2012

In the land of peaks and valleys

Of a mole hill

Lifting this mountain
Of a mole hill Off my back
Like kicking
Or licking the drink ing thing
Over and over again

Thoughts of me In your head
Loving me and
Wishing I was dead
The thought train
On tracks that dig
And dig
And dig deeper in your soul

Making it harder and harder
For we to let
Of this mountain
Of a mole Hill

Chris McQueeney    8/18/12     10:18 P.M.


Ben Ditty said...

You explore concepts like none other! :-)

just a girl said...


nicely done chris!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...not that easy to let go at all....making more of something than what it is...

Nadja Notariani said...

Dwight is my favorite character from 'The Office'. I just love his 'words-of-wisdom' so arrogantly proffered. Ha!
*I ♥ Beet Farmers*

Of A Mole Hill starts off from a position of strength (character is ridding self of unwanted/burdensome/cumbersome attitude toward some thing)

Then the perspective shifts with 'thoughts of me in your head, loving me and wishing I was dead'.

This threw me a bit, for with those words, the poem's main character abdicates the position of strength, giving it 'mountain status' again as opposed to 'mole hill status' - and becomes once again entangled with the very thing he sought to escape. Was this the intention based on the overall-theme of Making A Mountain Out Of A MoleHill, or did it just 'happen'? Interesting.

She Writes said...

The tension here is aching. Nicely done. More, please!

christopher said...

I don't exactly agree with the idea that you shifted viewpoints but then I may know too much...can fill in too easily. That may mean this poem is not yet finished in that regard, can be confused as it stands. I have started over before myself. I think the molehill thing is good and I know the mountain. Your assignment should you choose to accept it is to make the molehills and mountains clear. I think you are right that they belong in a single poem.

Wander said...

This is a very personal poem...coming from two distinctive perspectives linked at the end...reading it again and thinking of that fact I decided to change it from one solid poem to a poem with three stanzas...I believe that offers the transition that I already knew was there. And no this is not current events.