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Sunday, August 26, 2012

On this hill I climb

Souls Blood

Whole again
The way I was before
They took the pin Out of the wheel
And the spokes fell off
Broken and torn tattered and beaten
On the ground you'll find me bleeding
My soul’s blood out

Needing the world to be
A gentle place If but for a day
Knowing that one more Pain will take away
My need to keep breathing for real

On this hill I climb
It is the one on which you’ll find me
Making a final stand this once I choose
I will upright fight from
The top...

This is the hill worth
Dying on

Chris McQueeney    8/24/12    3:33 P.M.

Tomorrow I will be writing a story in response to my friend Ben Ditty's post 
I worked on it earlier but my heart wasn't into it tonight and it deserves my all


Brian Miller said...

we have to choose our hills carefully....and i know the feeling of needing the world to be a gentle place for just one day too....

kj said...

what a fantastic ending: from despair to determination. i like the fact that this is the hill. the hill is a metaphor for the things that ARE worth dying for, yes....

very nice, chris. it's as though your emotions write your poems, and so well.

i hope your weekend is going well. next week is back to school week for little hands?


Wander said...

The week after next kj...but happy about it

just a girl said...

wow. your poetry lately. color me impressed. :)

christopher said...

That Other Hill

Oh I'm glad indeed
you found the hill you chose then
not forgetting it
took your stand, dug in
and readied yourself for the charge
sure to come, you thought.
And it did come, yes,
if not as you thought it would.
Another goddam

Ben Ditty said...

I loved the poem and can't wait for your response :-D

She Writes said...

I love the second to last stanza in this, as well as the progression, to that final line.