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Friday, August 31, 2012

Less then half

Less then half

Oh the humanity
The poetry’s dead
Its been ripped
Out of me
Clear some room
What…you can’t see
Everything too close
The world to small
There is less
Oh the humanity
Its been ripped Out of me

The poetry is dead
And no one else
Can see

Chris McQueeney     8/31/12    9:51 P.M.

the image above                 was created
Sadness is a Cold Puppy    by Marvic Adecer    


Ben Ditty said...

Noo bring it back from the dead! I want zombie poems to eat my brain!

Brian Miller said...

man sorry you had a rough couple days....feel the pain and sadness in this one....and hey they can only take what you let them brother...

christopher said...

Stuff in the key of sad is easier to write and I have long wondered why that is. Music in the key of sad (which keeps you in the minor modes) is easier to compose too. You can fuck around loose and goosey with notes and words and the fuck around sounds composed when you stay in the sad. Going all the way to the bright and light is intellectually dishonest maybe but lifting a bit out of sad is probably more true when all is said and done. Unless for real you really really mean it just now in any of the realms you travel.

The trouble with sad this dark, everyone wants to believe you hurt.

The poem is good. And a good example of what creating sad is.

Wander said...

I am amazed that no one has said anything about the pic....I posted it to get a reaction, kind of dark humor to off set the piece.

I tap into a reserve when I write...sometimes that comes from a humorous point, sometimes angry, and at times sad.

I have written poems in the heat of the moment...but more often they are pieces based on a line. I heard in my head yesterday the broadcast from the Hindenburg, and I was looking at another poem I was writing and this one started from the kernel of Oh the humanity...

kj said...

i like this a lot, chris. it has a rhythm to it.

you would be fun in a writing group writing from prompts. off you go!

i agree with christopher. sad is easier. and more prolific. i think the heart needs to hear itself when times get rough.

i hope you have a good week ahead


jennifer said...

Snoo oo oo oopy, snoo oo oo oopy, come home snoopy come home. Twisted pic, nice piece bud.

christopher said...

I think maybe nobody found the death of Snoopy that funny :(

just a girl said...

wow. words to match the pic. usually when i look at charlie brown or snoopy, i get a warm fuzzy feeling...cos i heart snoopy and the gang.

Nadja Notariani said...

Ack! I wonder if Lucy did it???

The Brazen Broads said...

Lucy is a bad girl...but maybe it was catwoman? Food for thought.

I think perhaps I should write again.

You have gotten me to thinking, and that is a lovely and scary thing indeed. Thank you.


She Writes said...

How did I miss this? Often things that die in us are hard for others to see. I imagine poetry as internal. But Snoopy? I can't laugh when Charlie Brown is a wreck... I love those little guys <3!

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

a point well passed.

Nataeven FairyAn Fallin said...

witty and powerful.