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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Open link night

Calmer seas

I am drifting through
A sea of tranquility and mist
Trusting myself to this life raft
Composed of kind words and gestures
Has kept me afloat
In This dream of a life that is full
Simple things and Pleasantries
Those same kind words and thoughtful gestures
Remain upon awakening from that dream
Hopefully those are enough of a
Trade wind to soon carry me to
Calmer seas

Chris McQueeney 7/24/12   9:30 P.M.

this is being linked to dVerse poet's pub for open link night...feel free to go see what they have on the menu


Ben Ditty said...

Such beauty :-)

Claudia said...

i like the peacefulness and hope in this...sometimes life can be a rough sea...i so can feel that longer for calmer seas.. nice..

Fred Rutherford said...

nicely done. Really like the almost dreamlike feeling here, calm, at peace, kind of like something you'd listen to when trying to get into a relaxed state, affirmation like. Thanks. Enjoyed

Brian Miller said...

those thoughts and gesture can certainly be the wind in our sails...and some days they are just enough....peace brother...

Semaphore said...

The serenity in this poem is its fullest hallmark.

She Writes said...

I like the idea of a full life being found in simple things. Kind words and thoughtful gestures have often carried me from one place to the next.

I like the dreaminess in this piece and the last line--a hint that though the piece is written in tranquility it is exists in the mind of the author as he waits to be carried to Calmer seas. I also like the choices in your line breaks.

Nadja Notariani said...

...'these are enough of a trade wind..'
Oh. Very nice turn of phrase.

Archna Sharma said...

I like the calm and the clarity in this piece. You've picked out the important parts of drifting through, trusting oneself and embracing the simple pleasures. I think it is enough, hope you are having a pleasant day. :)

Anonymous said...

just floating amongst your words.


kj said...

'Simple things and Pleasantries
Those same kind words and thoughtful gestures'

an optimistic poem if ever i've read one: the gentle winds and slow bobs of kindred friends....

what we give and get from one another is unexplainable to those who do not know. this is a nice description, chris