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Thursday, August 2, 2012



Lipstick veneer to shade
What you are made of
And who you are
Eye liner applied
Just so to hide
The cancer inside
Your soul
You know
If they can’t see
Then it doesn’t have to be

Chris McQueeney    7/24/12    10:06  P.M.

I have had an interesting life. Some would say that was putting it mildly, I’m not sure about that. What I do know is the life I have had is mine. I can use that life, its experiences, the good, and yes the bad, to prosper and grow. Having lived the way I did I have a perspective that has been hard won, but still needs to be flexible.
I have a story in the works about my life around the time my little sister got cancer. She has asked me to tell her story, and in time I will, but first I have to clear the path for it. Now you may be wondering why I bring this up…my sister, my amazing little sister gave birth to my niece the day before yesterday. The act of giving birth was something she, and we her friends and family, never thought would happen. This birth and the baby brought to this world are a miracle!
Yesterday I learned a friend of mine passed away. He had brain tumors, and they were what ultimately took his life. He was also an alcoholic. But he died sober…and I will miss him. I will miss his crazy antics, and I will miss that amazing heart he only was able to show to few. Jon may you find the peace you so desperately sought in life where you go now. Good by my friend I will miss you……



Brian Miller said...

wow...that is quite the miracle...cancer, ugh, has touched my fam greatly...i am sorry for the loss of your friend too...i am glad he died sober though...

nice verse as well...just cause they cant see it does not mean it is not there...under the make up

christopher said...

You know I share both the joy and the sadness.

She Writes said...

I am speechless. Read this earlier and had to think about comment. The life that has happened in your family is a story to be told--your sister's, a new life, and of course, yours. To think you nearly were not the writer you are and there is so much worth being written.

I am sorry to hear you lost a friend yesterday...


BerlinerinPoet said...

Very moving piece. Made me cry.

Ben Ditty said...

Me too Berlinerin! Very moving.