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Monday, August 13, 2012

What is

What reflection does it see

What is the pathos of evil
Under what guise
Does it toil
Laboring long into
The night
Does it make
Pipe bombs and chemical
Weapons to take out
Its neighbors
While shooting movie goers
Or is it the man
In the nice shirt
With perfect teeth
Offering you the five
Year adjustable rate
Rock bottom low
Home refi loan
Under what pathos
Does evil lie

Chris McQueeney    7/28/12    11:44 P.M.

Hello my blogging world… 
I have had people that follow my blog ask about my health, and I wanted to give an update. My lungs are still hurting and causing me to have fits of coughing. At times it feels as if I am drowning. This weekend while with a group of people I found myself not knowing where everyone had gone, and I wandered for about twenty minutes, confused and disoriented. I told the people I was with about it but I didn’t say how much it scared me. Had I not been so familiar with the area I was in I could have been truly lost. Never in my life have I experienced anything like that. I am functioning well for the most part, and it is deceptive. I think I am better than I actually am and my body lets me know. The doctors say that with time and medication this will be but a memory, but that is hard to get a grasp on while struggling to breathe.

Chris McQueeney 8/13/12 9:32 P.M. 

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Ben Ditty said...

Hugs, my friend. Praying for your speedy recovery.

This poem was a favorite of yours. Chilling and true.

Brian Miller said...

evil takes all is deceptive like that...but def the refi man...haha...sorry i worked in banking once...scary place behind the scenes...

yikes on the disorientation....keep on praying for you man...and hope it continues to get better...

christopher said...

As I have mentioned before, you are now miles into the wilderness of my pulmonary life, although for me it is viral or allergic rather than chemical. My healing time equals yours however because the "burn" I experience is no less real. It happens to me below my vocal chords but above my lungs, kind of in the center of my upper chest. I am in the second day of what will probably be weeks now if my past is a good predictor of things.

Wine and Words said...

Oh man...sounds awful. I am experiencing almost hourly anxiety attacks. Gee, that's a real picnic too! Can never catch my breath. It's almost like I'm panting. I can't just take Xanax every day!!! Anyway, I hear you deep on wishing to be a normal functioning body.

But I digress. I loved this poem. Yes, a favorite. Keep it up good man! I'll pray for you too :)

Anonymous said...

grrr. don't like hearing about the disorientation. you're still in my thoughts with hopes that you recover 100%!

your words are equal to the image. nice!


She Writes said...

Ugh! That sounds horrible. I can't imagine. Hopefully it is a memory sooner than later.

As for the poem, yes a bit creepy in its truth. It's funny how we are conditioned to fear evil and to believe that evil has an ugly face. Yet, often those who do the most harm usually appear innocent and kind in the beginning.