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Friday, August 3, 2012

And burning

Better side

Screaming inside
Trying to find a frame Of mind
Trying to find a place
To hide from the demon inside
Grinning at the wheel
Driving the machine
Forcing the gears
To align opposed from
My better side
The screaming inside
Drowning the world out
Gears grinding the wheels turning
While my entire life is crashing
And burning

Chris McQueeney    7/28/12    2:16 P.M.



Other Mary said...

I so, so hope that's not autobiographical. Really strong imagery here.

christopher said...

Global Conflict

When the day's ended
and the toys are put away
back in the boxes
of original
hope and care for you and me -
that's when I pray you
find your heart's divan
and someone fans your hot head
like they do in tales
of Arabian
sacred moonlit evenings,
your back placed in trust.

Wander said...

Thanks mary, no not autobiographical ...a line occurred to me and the rest of the poem built up arround it

She Writes said...

With Mary. You write like I do :). Nobody even knows what's real and sometimes people worry when I write stuff that shows a dark side or struggle.

I like the image captured here of an internal struggle. It seems we all have opposing sides in us at times. You've written it very vividly. And the last line, I think, perhaps, we have all had a moment of feeling those feelings. Some moments are longer than others.

Brian Miller said...

dang bro...the image is as vivid as your words....agree in hoping this is not real, but only symbolism...i know we all have those internal struggles some more intense than others...and in light of the present circumstances with health, it could be very real....intense man....hope you have a good weekend...

Jira said...

This reminds me of those moments I go for spontaneous drives without a destination... usually with deep thoughts and a few stresses sitting on my shoulder. It's usually a great place to scream because if you're driving with no one around, no one will hear. ;)

Great emotion!

Wine and Words said...

GAWD that image creeps me out!

Sometimes my best poems are written that way...a line that comes when I'm half awake. They are like kite strings we grab, and away we go!!!

Ben Ditty said...

I like this combinationg of screaming, machines and eventually burning. There's a great rhythm to it... reocurring, bowing out and returning to the central theme.