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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yeah, it's like that...

M & M

Marbles and matchsticks
Dreams are made of this
Clacker and dasher
Smasher and cracker
Hit the striker
But the flap says
Always close the cover

Hold that stick or strips
Until they burn
Down to the tips
Of your fingers
Cat’s eye and crasher
If I work it right
I’ll get yours
Before you get mine

Chris McQueeney     8/24/12    12:34 P.M.

Image from bing image credited to Tracy Roberts

haven't talked about my health for a while, so I thought I would give an update. I haven't worked in
over six weeks and I still am not able to. I have this feeling that the work comp insurers are going to try 
to deny the claim...that is why I retained an attorney today. I was trying to avoid hiring one, but I felt like
I was forced. 
I still am coughing all the time, and at times it feels like I am drowning. But I am alive, and haven't had 
to go to the emergency room in weeks :-) 

Note to self...if ever exposed to chemicals that cook your lungs through chemical reaction make sure it 
is being video taped, and have an expert witness testify that animal farts would not have been able to 
cause the same kind of damage. 



Ben Ditty said...

Oh, man :-( I'm glad you're alive!

jennifer said...

Are you kidding me?
Puss in boots was ridiculous enough.
Now you have the audacity to dress me up in this dreadful garb?
I am a majestic creature.
Not to be plaid with like a child's doll you know.
Why do you think your beloved Sheba ran away?
She was a he by the way, but you did not care. You dressed him up for your amusement.
You made him a laughing stalk. He was a corporal in the royal night army, and you stripped his dignity away. Now he hides in a far away land as a coward would do all because of your sick,demented,torturous custom. 
We've lost too many good men to this horrendous practice.
We lye down to you no more madam. 
By the time you read this it shall be too late.
Our battalion attacks at dusk.
We will see who is dressed up for the silly pictures now! 

jennifer said...

I agree with Ben, glad you are alive! Sorryto hear your not fully recovered from the chemical burn yet:(. I like your piece. 'I'll get yours before you get mine' my favorite line.

Brian Miller said...

ugh....pretty sickening how companies will try to get out of things.....glad you hired that attourney...and hope that you feel better soon...that drowning is not a fun place to be....

christopher said...

created a monster

She Writes said...

It seems the pictures of your lungs would be some evidence :(.

Nice jumping off lines--they make one stop and think. Candy and something to light fires with. Interesting contrast for dreams to be made. And the end is a clincher. Turns from this philosophical feel to a harsh reality that bites (or should I say burns?).

just a girl said...

love the words you used in this piece.

and yeah. it is sad that one has to have all this damned extra evidence. i mean...clearly your damaged lungs isn't enough. grrr! but you are with us...and writing...and that's the good thing.