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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A gentle one

Single hue

Twining we wind
In circles ever closer
Roots and limbs entwined
Under this gentle sun
Riotous colors surround us
Yet a single hue
We would not see
But for the love
That spins around
And within
You and me

Chris McQueeney    8/16/12    2:13 P.M.
This Was inspired by an image from a friend's Facebook page...Thank you for letting me borrow this from your page Grace 


Brian Miller said...

smiles...i hope she does....and very cool dance in your words....the world lost but for the view of love you know...smiles....hope you are well man...

got a job! woohoo!

She Writes said...

This image happens to work perfectly with your page on blogger and the poem :). I like trees. They are one of my favorite subjects and show up almost as often as water as my Muses. I appreciate the verbs you chose. I tried to pick out my favorite line, but the whole piece flows really beautifully from one concept to the next and I couldn't bear to remove a only a single line.

Wine and Words said...

Inspired yes. And yet I feel you healing from your own unique perspective. XO

Ben Ditty said...

Gorgeous poem and image!

Gwen Gardner said...

Awesome colorful picture and equally lovely poem and they go so well together:)