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Thursday, October 23, 2014

at the track

The path

Childlike we strive
to bring forth
the fury from inside
Racing the curves
of our desire's path
Tracing the corners
And raceway ahead
We find our goal
now that you know
where the checkered
flag is planted
will you drive the course
or will you off road it
I dont know about you
but I think the scenery
is better off the beaten path

Chris McQueeney 10/18/14

So I am writing from a slump. Today I feel like doing nothing at all but laying around the house. I wonder if writing gets easier on these slumps with practice, I have heard that it does, but everything feels like it weighs a thousand pounds. I feel like I am saying Oh well a bit to often for my liking, but, oh well I will survive. 

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christopher said...

It is important to be able to write in all kinds of weather. It is also important to refrain from writing in bad writing weather. The trouble is learning what "bad writing weather" is because it is not the times you feel low necessarily. That could be bad weather but it also might turn out to be the best writing times. Don't wander off from your best times.