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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy All Hallow's Eve

Skin on skin

Lord death come sit with me
But a moment
Tug on my soul strings
In that way only you can
Oh yes I know
Your touch
The feel of skin
On skin that only
You can bring
To this mortal coil
You bring much to the table
Sit with me a moment lord death
Feel the flutter of my
Finite breath
It will only be a moment
Of that you can assure me

Chris McQueeney    10/31/14

Happy Halloween all! this is on of my favorite days of the year. My birthday is in October so all through growing up this day would be my second birthday. Tonight I am going trick or treating with my children...Their mother did a good job finding costumes for them, my son will be a zombie pirate, and my daughter will be the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash...I am excited to be with them.  

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Other Mary said...

Oh, very good last line.