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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

we only have one

gnash at the bit

The world is a wild place
She’s all done up
On for the race
Wild is the way to go
When you are being led
By the chin
Wouldn’t you lose hope
Would it come back for a
Fleeting moment
Only to be crushed again
Over and over again
By those you love the most
It is ok to have hope
But what do you do
When hope has died
You go wild
And gnash at the bit
Trying for but a moment
To regain that feeling of freedom

Chris McQueeney    10/6/14

Good morning! I have Pantera blaring in my ears and coffee in my cup.How the hell are you? I only have five min and I have to get going so this will be short...Chat at you later...........


Ben Ditty said...

The emotion in your poetry is always real and authentic, Chris. Keep it coming.

Shadow said...

Gnashing at the bit is such a vivid and perfect description.