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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day thirty one

Through metal

I feel the fury
Striking me
Drum beat cymbles clash
Beating me down
To that place the
Words  unfurl
In their shallow graves
Bring on the noise
Overwhelm me
Funnel the words
 From their shallow homes
Through metal
Bleed light to sound and sight

Chris McQueeney 10/5/14

I set out to write every day of thirty and I have. I wrote on days that felt like the words flowed like water and I wrote on days where the wordverse was as clear  as mud. Yesterday I wrote about my last birthday, today I am writing about today. Today I start another thirty days of writing every day weather or not I want to. I have some hurdles in my life to overcome but if I approach them the same way I am approaching this writing I should be able to go through them.

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