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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Give me a Break


I am afraid
I am afraid of everything
There is not a day
That goes by
Where I can sleep
In comfort
Knowing that there
Are no boogey men
Out there
I am afraid
Of everyday
That fear binds me
And blinds me
And finds me quaking
I am afraid
But I keep going
Already knowing

I am afraid

Chris McQueeney    10/4/14

Today is fucking awesome...I spent the night with my kiddo's we all snuggled together. now they are schootched up to me while  write...makes writing difficult but  I don't care Ilove them somuch


Carrie Van Horn said...

...and that is what makes you truly brave. :-)

kj said...

what this tells me is that it's better to be afraid than it is to be afraid of being afraid.

with which i do agree :^)