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Saturday, October 25, 2014

First off luck is a blessing

Am I the lucky one
Am I the lucky one for sure
How do you know
First off three death

One when I was
 a wee little boy
the mountain so pristine
The slope so pure it,
Edge so soft to sled
Heavy drop to certain death
If but for a father’s  

Second we find fiends at work
Hurry up you jerk
It’s ready to go
Wont flag worth a shit
Heart attack awaits
Doing the flop hitting the fish
Bet that chick was really impressed
She quit a job and left school
Just to not see the reanimated corpus

  Third time was a beautiful day
Went to work my dreams sailed away
Jobsite nice check equipment check
Gust of air lungs coated blood smeared
Truck rides to the spittle, hos for short

Am I a lucky guy, no I would say blessed
Luck took a slice but blessed took the pie
Got my son here wining about his sister
Getting more time on the phone
I am the lucky one

Chris McQueeney  10/25/14

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