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Monday, October 13, 2014

Welcome monday

Was her's alone

With tears in her
And smiles on their faces
Something in her mind
Told her the way would be long
With their jeers in her
And malicious grins on their
She knew that long trip
Was her’s alone
If any followed
Forever she would swallow
Their fears
All the tears
The words blunt chains
Forcing her to remain
Forever trapped in their eyes

Chris McQueeney    10/11/14

Welcome to my daily check in...Tried to sleep in today but the world would hear none of it so I just lay there as if sleeping. I feel pretty good today which is not an everyday occurrence. I had an awesome weekend. First off I spent the night with my children and then spent all day Saturday with them. I am grateful to get the opportunity to spend even a little bit of time with my son and daughter. this time last year I was forced to not have anything to do with them, things have changed. Then yesterday I had a date with an awesome woman. We went to a movie and had good conversation. All in all a very good weekend. Welcome Monday and if you have read to here welcome again to you! 

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Other Mary said...

What a painful piece Chris. And one that I think many can relate to on some level. In another matters I'm glad you had such a good weekend. And thanks for your encouragement with writing.