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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ice cream truck for good measure

Has fled

The magic has fled the
It saw the crowd
Decided to skip town
And slipped out the
No one knew
What door the magic
Went through
But could feel it all
The same
There were quite a few
A few even went so far as to
Throw things
The small minority dropped it all
And shed a few tears
The stage is empty
It’s all gone
If you think about it you will
Realize it was gone all along

Chris McQueeney    10/11/14

I am sitting hear at my x-wife's place with my children...but that gives me no excuse to not write. In fact it gives me more reason to put pen to paper so to speak. I have two children, whose pictures are at the bottom of my blog. Those two little people mean more to me than anything else in the world, literally, more than anything. The better part of a year that I was forced to be separate was amongst the worst times in my life...up there with when we lost my father. When I was allowed the privilege to be back in their life I imagined hours and hours of fun and playing. I was not wrong, there is much playing, but very little of it has to do with me other than the fact of my prescience. I don't have to be exciting, I just have to be here...that is part of being a parent, just being there. In the long run they will remember me being there most of all. It doesn't hurt if there is an icecream truck thrown in there for good measure..............

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