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Friday, October 3, 2014

Before you take credit

Other people’s hands

You think you made
It on your own
Well you didn’t
There have been years
Of days gone under
Other people’s hands
Years of struggle before
You ever took a breath
Think fast and hard
Before you take credit
For the things others
Provided you free of cost
But not free
No, not that

Chris McQueeney    9/30/14

My life is on the mend...I am nowhere near as twisted up  as I was on my birthday almost a year ago...If I watch myself from day to day I get discouraged, but if I step back and look at the big picture it is a night and day change. On my birthday last year I was in such a state that I ended up in the Hospital ICU for about two or three days then in jail directly following...Flash forward one year minus a few days and the person you see is a totally different human altogether. While it is hard to see the improvement from day to day I just need to remember this too shall pass


kj said...

i am so glad to read and know this. big cheer for you, chris, for your huge part in the lesson plan

so glad.

Wander said...

thanks kj