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Monday, October 6, 2014

today is a good day

The Goal

More human
Than I was yesterday
Better than the Day before that
That’s the goal
To be more than the Day before
That’s what I thought
You don’t have a fucking clue
More human than
I decided that for shits and giggles
I would throw
My human suite
On today
Then I decided I would act extra special human
For once
I’m more human
Than yesterday

Chris McQueeney  10/6/14

I started writing every day for thirty about eighteen days ago and have done so like I said I would. I have found that it is easier to write if I have to do it anyway. Forcing myself to write has created a writing surplus that I have backlogged for the rest of the months posts. Today I am posting a poem that was inspired by White Zombie and their song more human than human…it is a good day………………

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rosaria williams said...

I stopped in from visiting KJ and had a good smile; more human than yesterday sounds like a good goal any day. Nice to meet you.