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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

House of cards

Do you lie

I live
In a house of cards
One breath
Tumble down it would
My bedroom walls are suited
Starting with the ace of spades
Black is the color of the day
Do you lie
And say everything is ok
When you know it’s not
I have artwork in my place
Where one eyed kings
Rule the roost and tumble
In the hay with the red queen
Jacks and jokers in the kitchen
Make six of a kind
It’s ok even if you say it’s not
Poker is as American as apple pie
And I got an ace up my sleeve
Go ahead and blow my house down
I got a full boat
to sail away on 

Chris McQueeney 10/6/14

I am posting twice today...With this new computer I have a surplus of work to publish and it is piling up so it is a two fer

You Heard Me

Fuck you
You heard me
I said thank you for all
You do and all
You mean to me
That’s right
Fuck you
For all you do
You should get credit
It’s the simple things
That mean the world
To me
So, for all that you do
Fuck you

Chris McQueeney    10/7/14    1:20 P.M.


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