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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I took a breath that day

I took a breath
And everything
Went away
All my hopes
And dreams
Everything I was shooting for
Just as simple as that
One breath destroyed
My entire fucking life
You’d think it would
Take more
Why does that strike me as odd
One split second
And everything is changed
I took a breath that day
The breath took me
And I went away

Chris McQueeney    10/20/14

Good morning out there. I don't have much time this morning to write but I am keeping to the writing every day. I may post something a bit later if the bug strikes me. Good day to you till then.


Brian Miller said...

interesting...i think we need to take more breathes...and hopefully they dont cost us that much...but if so...perhaps we were chasing the wrong dreams...

She Writes said...

Sometimes it's enough to keep breathing. One at a time.

Shadow said...

...I know that breath

Wander said...

It is good to see you She writes