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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

just keep plugging away

Wash away the hurt

I cry at times
Things seem so
Some days it
Is just so fucking hard
To breathe
To be
To see the other side
At times I cry
By myself
I don’t hide my tears
They just come
That way
It’s just so heavy
It just has to come out
At Times I cry
It is not a weakness
Rather a strength
To wash away the hurt

Chris McQueeney   10/19/14

Had a bit of a rough day today,,,nothing major just a bit rough. I haven't been able to hold any food down for days then yesterday got  some news from a friend that I really didn't want to hear. but life is like that at times it just takes a shit on your picnic. and I want to throw a tantrum but I am a bit nerve fried and the logical part of my noodle is in charge so, no hissy fits.

Real and True

I see things
At times I try to hide
That fact from the outside
I hear things
At times I try to hide
That fact from the outside
I live in a world
Where things are transitory
Not always real
Or true
How does one function
When life sends you messages
That just are not

Chris McQueeney    10/29/14

1 comment:

christopher said...

I am glad you keep posting. I have had a couple low days myself. Not ill but not well either. I didn't really get up today until after 5:00 and yesterday I should have stayed home it turned out because I wasn't firing on all cylinders, really needed some different shit from the shit that was on my sandwich and no one helped that happen.

I didn't ask for help but there you are. Sometimes I really do get burdened with the "you should be better than that" bitter pill because I am not always better than that.