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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The day after the day before


I would live a thousand years
To die at your feet
I would crawl thousands of miles
Just to catch your last breath
All those miles
And minutes
Spent gladly in pursuit
Of you
What would you give to me
Would it be undying
Would you give up a minute
For me to waste
Would your breath be sweet
Would you breathe it harshly
Begrudging that little bit
Of air between us

Chris McQueeney    10/29/14

Guess I feel better today than I felt yesterday, and that is a good thing. I haven't done anything of note for the last few days on the account of being sick. I had some stomach thing going on because no coughing or snot just couldn't keep anything down. Had a huge dinner of spaghetti last night and it all stayed with me so I am thinking that the worst is over. Tomorrow is Halloween and I get to spend it with my kids...I didn't get to do that last  year and I am excited to get the time with them. It is amazing how much they have grown, and how much I love them.

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