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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Do you

Pomp and circumstance

Welcome to my
Things are confusing
In here
The rules change
On a daily basis
Basis for indiscriminate
Floggings are at noon
Welcome to the show
Hope you like the
The heart of Rome is the
The heart of the empire
Is Spectacle
Pomp and circumstance

Chris McQueeney 10/13/14

Could you find it in yourself to forgive the biggest transgression anyone has ever perpetrated on you? Do you have the ability to walk away from hurt and towards forgiveness...I dont know if I have that in me, and I have no idea where this question came from but think on it for a moment........

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JustinBog said...

Well, to a certain extent and well after the fact, forgiveness is a constant pull, back and forth depending on what part of the past story is being told. I do walk immediately away from hurt last year in two instances and this practice did lessen any confusion or pain any other reaction would've furthered. What others do I have no control over. I can only control what I do, and strive to be patient and empathetic. I lost three family members in the past six years, two the past two years . . . all three leaving this plane at the end of October on consecutive days, October 29th, 30th, and 31st, a younger brother, a father, and a mother . . . all lost. The last two under stress from betrayal, abuse, extortion, familial dishonesty. But I do forgive and the ghosts of the past don't haunt in unkind ways. The other quick turnabout was an insecure writer being snarky at my expense and I forgave this faux pas immediately since I was not the one intended to hear what was being said. Embarrassment and apologies happened and I accepted them openly and moved on. Do I trust this writer now? I see this person around social media and the short answer is: no. Do I forgive? Definitely since I would never stoop as low as this person and possibly, based on my easy forgiveness, this person may have learned a lesson: never to do what she did to anyone ever again for the rest of her life. Something that should've been learned as a child, a stumbling teenager, and not as a mature adult. Sorry to comment so long, C . . . all good and I read your poems by email! ever, Justin